Good things 2015: Week #41-46


A hint of the bathroom make over.

It’s important to remember the things that are good in life. It reminds me how blessed I really am and also helps to ease the sting of the bad. I’m incredibly lucky, there’s more good than bad (Knockonwood!) and I want to document how thankful I am for it.

It seems I’m woefully behind in keeping track of good things. I’ve been mentally documenting them, but really I’ve been trying to enjoy moments more and not worry about documenting them. I don’t need a 1000 photos of random things, I want to experience things more I think.

In no particular order of importance or timing.

  • Getting the go ahead for the Clomid challenge
  • Good phone chats
  • Random happy mail
  • Acorn squash
  • Having a boss appreciate your work and efforts
  • Fixing the futon!
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Limiting what I’m taking on (I’ve been saying no lat
  • Thanksgiving stuff coming together.
  • Bathroom face lift
  • GF french toast
  • BatGirl’s visit and everything that went with that weekend
  • House projects wrapping up for now
  • Netflix! Specifically, right now Gotham (season 1)
  • Being able to say, “Yes I can do that!” (But sometimes saying “But I can’t right now, can I get that to you next week?”)
  • Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea after this new allergy discovery
  • Realizing that the people investigating new health insurance options will also be covered by it and are therefore unlikely to screw you over with it.
  • Pictures of my nephew(s)
  • Friends realizing dreams
  • Pears
  • Sushi lunch with an old friend.
  • Cleaning out stuff and organizing. (Inbox, supplies, cupboards and closets – nothing has been safe this past week.)
  • Experiencing and less documenting.
  • Snark-a-like friends
  • Sick time and vacation days to be used more or less at will.
  • Calming an upset child and the mom thanking me for being patient.
  • Finishing my string of presentations with two really good ones

How have you been? What made you smile? Tell me about one of your successes? Tell me something random about yourself. If you don’t want it to be public, email it to me at bakinginmybathingsuit(at)gmail(dot)com and it’ll stay between you, me, and my NSA agent.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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