And how are you?


He was winning by at least 5 cards at this point.

Today is BatGirl’s birthday today so if you know her, please wish her a wonderful, stupendous day. Did you know she came to visit us for Halloween? It was such a delightful visit I almost didn’t notice all the leftover candy!

(I notice it now because it’s right inside the front door so I see it many times a day. If you’re over please take some!)

During her visit we played Cards Against Humanity with Frank, Daddy-O, B, his mom, and MJ’s senior class photo. (We started with only Frank, BatGirl and me so we played a “ghost card”. This means a card from the draw pile gets added to the phrases, giving you an extra response. You’d be surprised how often this one wins!) We made good food, hung out with Ms. Bix and laughed. A LOT.

We also laid on the guest bed and tried giant candy dots on paper I’d picked up as a surprise. They decidedly tasted like cleaning supplies, cough medicine, and the crusty part of blue cotton candy. I found a place to get more if you’d like some.

Her visit was the perfect mental reset (or kick in the butt) to finish out my last week of presentations.

Speaking of presentations, they’re done for now and I can get my desk back in order at work and the house sort of put back together too. I think I have just enough time to get stuff done at the house before we host Thanksgiving again this year. (I’ve promised Frank I won’t over do the food stuff again this year. We’ll see if I can hold myself to the limited menu we agreed on.)

Last year it was mostly my side of the family but this year his parents, sister and her family will be joining us as well. His other two siblings are unable to make it. My parents and g-d parents are coming as well so we’ll have quite the crew!

I’m excited to have everyone visit and an excuse to feed people. I’m also excited we fixed the futon yesterday after several weeks of carefully sitting so we didn’t break the front bar more, that we’ve decided to do the Clomid challenge next month, that The Librarians is back, and that a co-worker convinced me to watch Gotham. Good stuff. (Yes the Clomid challenge should have been done months ago, but tests have to be done on particular days which did not cooperate with my work schedule for the last 6 months.)

I’m still working on my summer bucket list and cleaning out stuff (I was supposed to throw away/get rid of a bunch of stuff by my half birthday. It was self imposed. I chose other things as more important to me sometimes – like sleep or visiting friends.) No, I didn’t finish either on time, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. I’m still working on it.

That’s where I am right now, how are you doing?


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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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