Chamomile has been added to the “Things to avoid” list…


Chamomile is really quite pretty.
It looks like my favorite flower too!

Every once in awhile I decide to try something new to see if I can improve my sleep patterns. Usually it doesn’t help, but I try.

Recently I picked up some Sweet Dreams Tea by Biglow. and I fricken loved it. It’s mint which means tasty, helped me wind down, and while the verdict is out on chamomile, I seemed to be sleeping a little better.

I had it every night last week.

Including last night.  I was sipping on my tea, winding down when I felt the unmistakable scratchy throat feeling. First, I was disappointed I might be getting a sore throat. I’d had a super fun weekend with BatGirl, MsBix, and everyone else who came to see us and initially figured the scratchy throat was an indication that I’d done too much over the weekend and last few weeks. Then I realized my lips had been pealing too – not chapped though. That’s a bad sign for me.

Itchy mouth/throat and pealing lips mean allergies which is a bummer.

The Dream Tea the only new thing I’ve been exposed to lately though. I know mint isn’t an issue for me, so I consulted with Dr. Google who suggested that chamomile is the likely culprit this time. It seems chamomile is in the ragweed family which is just mean to me. Damn pollen.

[shakes fist]

No more Dream Tea for me I guess. Bummer. Now I have to find a new tea because even if chamomile is ineffective, it was a nice way to wind down.

Any suggestions? I hate green tea so please don’t suggest that. I’m thinking of just going with straight mint. Also, I have half a box of tea I can’t drink if anyone wants it.

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3 Responses to Chamomile has been added to the “Things to avoid” list…

  1. albanyjane says:

    Do you like rooibos? I love a nice red rooibos – it’s warm and feels vaguely sweet/non-bitter. I’ve been enjoying some non-tea things in mint like rose hips and elderberries. They’d be great with mint, too.

  2. Let me ask B what he drinks. I think it’s chamomile though. What about melatonin?

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