5’kus for you

hi there, how are you?
popping in to write some ‘kus
this one doesn’t count


this week was long, right?
i don’t think it was just me
yay, we’re at the end

long weekend for me
need to rest up for coming week(s)
and get organized

next week starts crunch time
eleven/seven you there?
i see you, i do!


week wasn’t awesome
but had some very kind words
from a new-sh friend

so very lucky
to have kind folks in my life
who share their kids too

write more on this soon
trying to get my words right
don’t wish to offend


clicked “mark all as read”
in my blog reader today
sorry missed your post


oh, amazon, why
why are you so delightful?
so many treasure!

brain jell-o mold? yes!
adult coloring books? oui!fruit leather strips? si!


so, how have you been?
anything good to report?
tell me something good.



About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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