Thursday Three – Even more websites to share


I love love love this site
Go check out

Every once in awhile I get it in my head that I should share more of the websites I’ve been finding interesting lately. (One post and another) Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re inspirational, but I find them funny, helpful or inspirational.

In no particular order other, here are three of my current favorites.

  1. Sweatpants and Coffee Have you ever found a website that just understood you? If a website could be my kindred spirit, it would be Sweatpants and Coffee. It’s part humor, part inspirational, almost always thoughtful and fully worth checking out. I see something every day to either save to my phone or share from their facebook.
  2. McSweeney’s. I looked, but it seems I’ve never shared this site with you! Bad, bad Court. It’s a humor/satire site and I think I’ve laughed at every single post. One I read today was List: Reasons Why My Printer Never Works by Ali Garfinkel which is hysterical to me because I’m often at war with my printer. Another great one recently was “Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here”: A Shakespearean Guide to the 2016 Republican Primary by Emily Uecker or how about Open Letters: An Open Letter to Pumpkin-Flavored Seasonal Treats by Ilana Plen. Go check them out when you’re done here and then add McSweeney’s to your reader. There’s something for everyone.
  3. Elephant Yoga. Sometimes it gets a little hippy dippy for me but for the most part it has some good articles about yoga, what it really means (or doesn’t), inspiration, and great reminders about being present, thoughtful, and open (minded/hearted/etc) to life. I particularly liked this recent essay on 3 Lies Your Yoga Teacher Tells You and I’m Not a Mother, but I Know Love.

What’s a site you really love? (Social media platforms, Google, and E-bates not withstanding…)

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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