A meal on the deck and visits with Hockey Joe


This is in fact one of the most MJ photos of MJ ever taken

Well I’m still working on documenting my Summer Bucket List it seems. (I spent a lot of time this summer experiencing things and not documenting them. I’m okay with having done so, but it means a lot of pics were not taken and many moments only noted in my memory.)

One of the events on my Summer Bucket List was to Enjoy a full meal on the deck with friends and to see Hockey Joe.

As fate would have it, Joe was in town the day my brother and his friend came to visit! It was supposed to be brunch, but we ended up having breakfast for an early dinner instead.

I made egg bake, gluten free and regular french toast, and a giant fruit salad. It was a lovely day with my brother, his friend, and Joe talking about hockey, healthcare issues and gun laws, and generally enjoying each others company while we sat on the deck (or in my tree house if you prefer).

Brody got lots of snackeronis that day, lots of love, and plenty of ball throwing, too. It was a good day. I need to see more of these people. I like them.

I should also note that I saw Hockey Joe twice this summer. The first time was actually at a post beer tasting party his old housemate hosted and that was a fun night too.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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