Reading more: Death Turns a Trick by Julie Smith

book squareDeath Turns a Trick  by Julie Smith was a free download from Amazon. The opinions are my own. You can see other books I’ve reviewed here.

I find myself getting a lot read on planes, airports, and in hotel bath tubs lately. When I flew to work for Chicago, it was too cold on the plane to crochet so I flipped through my Kindle to get caught up. The flight to Chicago isn’t long and I knew I’d be busy when I got there, so I chose this one.

I mean the cover was hot pink with a girl holding handcuffs. I didn’t see it being a tough or cerebral read.

From the inside flap (according to Amazon):

Rebecca Schwartz is a fairly normal Bay-area attorney. But when she almost gets busted for playing piano in a bordello, and Kandi, a part-time student-prostitute is killed in her home, and then the killer stalks Rebecca, it’s time to take action–which is just what she does….

Even though I was ready not to like it all that much because I thought it would be a romance novel, it didn’t end up being one. I ended up really liked this book. I think you have to take a few of the points with a grain of salt, but it raises some interesting questions about the sex worker industry. I wonder how much still rings true. (It was originally written in 1992.)

It was funny, well written and kept a pretty good pace. It jumped back and forth a bit, but it was well fleshed out and wrapped up nicely. There wasn’t a huge twist to figure out, but that’s alright. I might look into others in this series by Smith.

Is this something you’d read? Why or why not.

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