Thursday Three – Checking in


Me mentally checked out as Frank drove me out to Chicagoland for a visit with his family.

Why hello there. I’m on a break from work travel at for a bit and thought I’d pop in. I start the presentation circuit again in a couple of weeks, but now I have a chance to breathe.

I’ve been all over and back again with Long Island, NJ, and Chicago being the most recent places I’ve gone. (Long Island was over night, then a trip to NJ for the weekend, and Chicago had me out of town for 8 days!)

A few things I’d like to mention though:

  1. Chicago(land) was fun. I presented on Thursday and Friday of last week, learned a lot, and then mentally checked out until Tuesday. It was lovely. We visited with family and friends and went to the zoo. I was inspired by lots of things (conference programs, people, kiddos, things I saw etc), we ate a lot of good food, and had tasty gluten free adult beverages.
  2. Speaking of gluten free boozy beverages, I’ve been sampling lots of them! Hard ciders and beers mostly, but the gluten free market is getting pretty fricken good out there.
  3. I’m fundraising for Team Harlow again this year. You can donate here. (As with last year, for every donation over $25, there’s cupcakes or cookies in it for you. I’m not above bribing you, but prefer to think of it as a tasty thank you!)

There’s more to tell including acceptance of the fact that without intervention we won’t be likely having our own child, a fun and family filled trip to NJ for a cousin’s wedding, some fun new projects on the horizon and more.

So what’s up with you? Anything exciting to report?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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