A Sox and a Yanks fan go to a game OR #asoxandayanksfangotoagame

I was going through my Summer Bucket List to cross off some things and I realized that I never told you about my adventure with Sue for her birthday! If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen photos of this adventure tagged #asoxandayanksfangotoagame

Sometime during the spring, Sue mentioned that she’d like to go visit Fenway this summer or next. She’s not a Red Sox fan but my sparkly friend loves baseball and Boston. I’m rarely one to turn down a trip to Fenway so we thought about making plans for a game when we found a date that worked.


On the road! Blueish skies and baseball.

As luck would have it, Daddy-O mentioned he had tickets he couldn’t use; did I want them for a Sunday game? Um Yes, which Sunday? The Sunday before Sue’s birthday?

Of course I snatched those bad boys right up, told Sue we had tickets, and I would send her the details. When I looked at the details I was super pleased to see that they would be playing the Yankees!

Come game day, we got up way too early, drove to Massachusetts and to my favorite T-stop, Riverside. Why is it my favorite? Because there’s lots of parking, it’s the first one you come to from our area, and as the end of the line you usually get an actual seat.

We got to the T, resolved some Charlie Card issues and got our seats! It was a lovely trip into Boston and we got to Fenway without much trouble.


Sue really loved the view from the Green Monster – for good reason!

I had a RedSox Nation card which provided access to the Green Monster before the game. Even though it was a crap ton of stairs to get up there, the view was amazing and Sue totally loved it.

Eventually they kicked us off the Monster to get the game started and we wandered around for a a really long time trying to find the gluten free hotdog bun place. Eventually I just said forget it and we got other food. Sue reports that the $14 lobster roll was absolutely worth it.


Great seats and some sausage peppers and onions.

The game wasn’t awesome, our boys seemed tired. It was more of a game of who could make less errors than who was playing better but it was fun to boo when they blundered and cheer when they did something right.

After the game, we tried to get back on the T but the elevator didn’t want to go down. Then there was a train stuck on the tracks we needed! Getting back to the car would involve two trains and many stairs which Sue’s knees were not going to participate willingly in climbing up or down so we said forget it and grabbed a cab. I won’t tell you about the cab ride because it really takes away from the happiness of the day, but we made it home sweaty, sticky, tired, and smiling.

Sure my Red Sox didn’t win, it was hotter than blazes in the sun, and there was the whole T being broken and cab fiasco, but I had a really great day with my friend. Thank you Daddy-O for such a fun experience and helping Sue check a ball park off her list.

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