Five on Friday: Snippets from my email drafts

Do you ever look through your draft emails? Sometimes I do and I find the darnedest things. Mostly I think they’re emails that I’ve started from my cell phone and got saved to drafts but you never really know. Also, I have no idea what I meant by something or who it was to.

Since it’s Friday which starts with F as does Five, here’s a few of them.

  1. I hope today is kind and gentle.
  2. With gratitude, affection, and love…
  3. Perhaps the goal is to keep people busy doing long division so they don’t have time to eat food.
  4. The stressed part is unfortunate because I’ve deliberately taken on less this year than in previous years, but hey, life sees it fitting to have my stress levels at a certain point during every holiday season so why not? (I’m fine.)
  5. The mark of a good supervisor is when your employees hate you (I know what this is from, but I still laughed when I saw it.)

Go ahead, look in your email drafts and comment with something you find there. It’ll be a fun game. Ready? GO!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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