The state of my uterus (TL;DR It’s still empty, but there’s a plan now.)


It started with this post.
I got responses from more than 50 people.
Some I knew had struggled, some I had no idea.

A little over a year ago, Frank and I started trying to get ourselves a little biker for our family triathlon team. We haven’t been successful this far.

We knew this was possible because in December 2013, the doctor told me that she suspected I have mild PCOS. She didn’t think it was a big deal, but that we’d likely have to try longer than many people have to for a baby.  I went back on the dangerous pill for 3 months and then in theory, we’d be pregnant soon after. If we weren’t in a year, to call her and we’d figure out what’s next.

We’ve tried, timed, tracked, and tried some more but still not little one for us.  A month or so ago, I called the doctor’s office and told my nurse practitioner our year was up and asked what was next. We met and arranged to do some blood work over the next month. Then today I met with a different nurse practitioner at the office who speicalizes in fertility issues.

We went over the blood work and she confirmed what we thought, I certainly didn’t ovulate last month and after she looked at my tracking info, she thinks I’m ovulating maybe 60% of when most people do. (She also confirmed that all of my other levels were normal, I just didn’t ovulate.)

We talked about different options including going right to the fertility specialists in town (who I’m not opposed to seeing if that’s where we need to go) but Frank and I aren’t entirely sure that we want to jump into super aggressive treatment right away if it’s not needed. We agree if we don’t need to pump me full of lots of extra whoremones/chemicals, we’d rather not do it. (I’m crazy enough without them.)

For now, I’m starting Metformin today and Clomid in the coming weeks with more blood work thrown in for fun and entertainment – or research. I’m going to make a concerted effort to lose some weight because it’ll help too. I’ll probably be writing about it as we go because I don’t think it’s something that needs to be hush hush and if my words can help someone else, then I want them to be out there.

Also, I want to be clear about this. I’m usually okay about it. Usually.  Seriously, I’m thrilled for friends when they announce that they’re expecting. Sometimes there is a pang but it passes quickly. How could I not be excited when my friends are realizing their dreams or goals? I do not want to be though of as one of those women who are struggling getting pregnant so other people don’t share their joy and news with her. I really am happy for you/them!

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6 Responses to The state of my uterus (TL;DR It’s still empty, but there’s a plan now.)

  1. I, for one, really appreciate your putting this out there. I think there’s something so strange about how open we are about everything sexual in our culture, but so secretive about everything having to do with reproduction. My husband and I are just starting to actively try to make a tiny human. I’m learning all the tracking, temping, cervical position and mucus stuff now and it’s a little overwhelming and easy to obsess over, and my weight is something we’ve discussed being a possible obstacle with my doctor and whether we should keep trying now or wait until I’ve lost weight. I have so many friends who have had unexpectedly hard times getting pregnant, and I’ve seen how heartbreaking it can be, in part because it feels so isolating– I commend you for being open about this process because we all need to know there are others in the same boat.

  2. I also appreciate you putting this out there. And I can’t wait to (via computer) hold your hand through this.

  3. jedimama says:

    Good luck to you! I hope the metformin/clomid works. I have multiple friends who were successful (multiple times) using it!

  4. Sue says:

    I’m not sure if this helps, but I just know in my heart your little biker is on his/her way. Emily says babies live in heaven until they are ready to join their mom and dad. So I just think yours isn’t quite ready.


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