Thursday Three – Things I wasn’t doing

Recently I went through some not so good times filled with boredom, apathy, anger and hurt. Looking back, while there were outside things that contributed to my icky mental place, there were things I wasn’t doing for myself that possibly probably made it worse.

I’m in “better sorts” now and I thank all of you who had kind words and verbal pants kicking for me. If I’m honest? I wasn’t taking care of myself like I should, but am doing better with it now.

I’m going to share them with you in case my lack of self care helps someone decide to take better care of themselves.

  1. I stopped taking my Super B supplement on a regular basis. Super B is acting (for me) as an occasional antidepressant.* Stopping wasn’t planned, I just didn’t think to take it for many days in a row because I kept forgetting to bring it to work with me. This also meant I wasn’t taking my vitamin D supplement which also plays into mental health support.

    I figure that since it took two days of taking it to get excess out, my levels were really low and that’s not a good situation. (If you’re wondering, when excess vitamin B is coming out of your body, since it’s water soluble, it makes your pee bright, borderline neon yellow.)

  2. I wasn’t moving enough and had gotten out of the habit of practicing yoga. It’s really amazing what it does for my brain and heart. It might not provide high dose endorphins, but it provides enough and some clear head space to make it super effective as a mood booster/relaxed for me.
  3. I stopped looking for the good around me until it was too late. My Positive Polly outlook may annoy some, but it keeps me in a good place.

    For the record, it’s never too late to find the good in icky things, but when you stop actively looking for it, it can be harder to find when you really need to see them the most.

There were some other things that played into it, but those were the biggies. Others included learning, trying new things, and connecting with friends.

Life won’t always be sunshine and rainbows with glitter farting unicorns, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aim for the good and do what we can to help ourselves get and stay there.

*When I mentioned that I was struggling on and off to my doctor, she suggested Super B supplements before trying antidepressants. I’m not opposed to antidepressants, but since it’s not an all the time thing, I figured what’s the harm in trying this first. Super B have worked out really well for me.

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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  1. Robbie says:

    I think I may try the B

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