Friday Coffee Date ’15-4

LN last tweet

I was going to share NotSoSweePea’s ear cover I made for her,
but this seems more fitting. How lovely a sentiment.
I do believe I will check out his poetry now.

Why hello there. It’s quite nice to see you, I apologize for being late. What’s in your cup? I just have hazel nut coffee today with hot-chocolate, almond milk and 2 sugars and left over antipasta salad from Red Front because well, it’s lunchtime.

It is with great sadness that I tell you I just received a text from Frank that said, “Leonard Nimoy has died.” These 4 short words brought tears to my eyes because he was a hell of an actor and Spock was one of my favorites. I can’t say it surprised me, but even though he was 83 I thought he might live forever.

Deep breath. So what’s been going on with you? What good memories have you made this week? Do you have any of Leonard Nimoy/Mr. Spock?

This week, I made people and Brody smile. I laughed with Frank and friends. I decided to book a trip to see my mom and to make memories with my family.  I heard from D’Lovely and know she’s on the mend.  I sent some mail that I know made the recipient smile.

As far as Mr. Spock memories, the old Star Treks always make me smile. Their terrible effects, Shatner’s constant intense overacting, and clear political commentary are parts of vivid mental pictures of my youth. Memories of time spent with my dad and Mehmere watching old episodes brings lots of warm fuzzy feelings. Later watching the whole series again with Frank because it was one of the few programs we could agree to watch together brought back happy smiles and fond memories of my childhood nerdom. I wasn’t a Trekkie, but  I did love the series and almost all things sciency. A big part of that love was Spock. His logic, how he loved in his way, his incredibly dry sense of humor, and those adorable ears. Now thinking about it reminds me of our first year living together.

Goodbye Leonard Nimoy. You certainly gave us some good memories. Thank you for that.

UPDATE: I didn’t know he directed one of my favorite movies! Three Men and a Baby

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