Guest Post – Brodsmontana here!

Every week, Brody sends my brother an email about the exciting things he has done during his stay with us. He told me he wanted to tell you guys about all his fun too.

Fotor_142325570479378Why hello there – WOOF – lovely Brody fans! Aunt Court said I have a lot of fan people and I love people SO much I wanted to say hello! I like to say hello to ALL the people I see.

Aunt Court and Uncle Frank are mostly awesome but sometimes are no fun. They try to do this thing called “relaxing” and it’s so boring. Mostly though I’m so happy to see them every day after work that we all shake our buts. Okay, I shake my butt but I can see they want to too.

Most things are pretty cool around here, I get to sleep on big beds and try foods while they cook. If I don’t beg at the dinner table, I get my own little plate of the food I can have. They seem to be hard asses about things like onions and chocolate. I’m a big boy, I can handle it!

So far, I don’t like oranges, spinach, blueberries and olives. I do like strawberries, oatmeal, carrots, broccoli, and pizza crusts. It should go without saying that I also love chicken nuggets and french fries but they’re pretty rare around here. Usually only when we go out to Grandpa’s house.

Like I said, it’s pretty cool with Aunt Court and Uncle Frank. They have people like Sue, Aunt Cassie and Grandpa come visit. Sue says I’m handsome and tries to slip me extra people food sometime, Aunt Cassie sleeps in the second big bed with me and Grandpa is great at throwing the ball a million times. I also went to meet Nyx and her people recently. She and her people are so pretty and nice!

There are a few things I don’t like about living here but it’s mostly because they put the garbage away so I can’t get it while I’m home alone. I also do not like that they won’t let me in the bathroom with them and I DO NOT LIKE IT when she says the word bath or she makes a fishy face and crosses her eyes. Woof! Uncle Frank seems to think that sandwiches are just for him and it’s just not fair! He also won’t give me a treat in my food every time. Just sometimes. Harumph! Also, I’m not allowed on the futon which I don’t understand. Aunt Court falls asleep there, why can’t I?

Fotor_142325502218696They make up for lameness by playing soccer in the kitchen and taking me to the doggie park sometimes to see my friend Ellie. I’ll write more about that later, it’s time for a snackeroni. Aunt Court said if you have any questions, I should invite you to ask them so I am. Any questions? Do you want to come play? I like to play! You can throw the slobber ball for me!

Love you all, you beautiful people.

There you have it. Brodsmontana’s own words about staying with us.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Guest Post – Brodsmontana here!

  1. Robbie says:

    Where is Brody’s human? I thought he was home.

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