Marshalls and Michaels…I’ll miss you!

Even though neither of us go to any church let alone the Catholic Church, Frank and I each gave something up for Lent.  I’ve given up different things in the past (peanut butter and meat as noted on this blog) but both of those seemed too hard this year and I’m doing my best not to set myself up for failure in my challenges.

Why bother if we’re not practicing Catholics? Shrug. We think it’s sometimes good to give up something that will be missed so we can be reminded of how fortunate we really are.

Frank gave up beer. I gave up unnecessary shopping. If Frank wants to write about why he gave up beer, he can, but I’ll tell you about my decision.

Lately, it seems that I’ll head to Marshalls, Michaels, Target, or any of the other nearby stores on my lunch break or while killing time before I have to be someplace else. Without fail, I find something I just have to have! No, no I didn’t have to have it. I wanted it because it was pretty,  or sparkly, or [insert reason here].  The things I have purchased recently have all been on sale of course, but even on sale starts to add up.

So for the next 41 days, I’m not shopping. Sure I have to get groceries and if we need toilet paper or dish detergent, we need to buy those things. If my running shoes go missing (somehow my other pair did!) I’ll have to replace them, but the mindless wandering through the store purchases? No more. (We’ve already agreed that I can buy a set of passes to a yoga studio I recently tried. We both agree that it’s not a want, but good for my sanity and health.)

I hope that I can break the habit in general because it takes between 21 and 28 days to break a habit and Lent is 46 days. If this is my worst habit, I’ll take it, but it’s not necessary. (It’s not, I have worse ones, I’m sure.)

I will totally miss wandering through Marshalls and the craft stores at lunch though. Touching items, getting ideas, finding little presents.

Guess I better start bringing a book or treadmill gear! It’s too cold do anything outside right now but shiver. So far though? Holding strong.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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