Friday Coffee Date ’15-1


Brody is coming to live with us for a couple of months so my bro can go to a training. You’ll see more photos and videos of him, I’m sure. We have to finish as much as we can on the house before he gets here because although a love and delightful, he’s not helpful with house things. Lack of opposable thumbs and all.

Although it’s not technically the first Friday of January, it’s the end of the first official week of 2015 and we made it.  Like BatGirl said, “I had a few moments that I would have rather not, but what can you do?”

First week, done. Mostly in one piece.

What’s in your cup? I just saw that my father-in-law is having hot lemon water and I have English Toffee Coffee (8oz) with a little sugar and almond milk in my cup. It’s not Kahlua and hot chocolate, but it’s pretty tasty.  I’m finding that the hot/warm lemon water is reducing my need for coffee so I can have just one actual cup of coffee a day. We’ll see how tomorrow goes…

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m still working at kick-starting this year, but you know what? Every day is a new chance to change your life so I’m not tethered to 1/1 for new starts and not stressing myself out about it. Causing myself unneeded stress is not being kind to me.

Fotor_141997527012312In catching up various things:

  • We did some work on the house to get it ready for the party which included hanging a door (complete with chiseling out the hinge spots), finally putting up switch cover plates on most of the outlets and light switches, hanging a new light in the entrance way that really makes the space feel like “us” and ties the entrance to the dining room/living room space together a bit.

    (I know I already mentioned the light on Sunday, but I’m really proud of myself so I’m saying it again.)

  • I put some plants and knicknacky things that scream “Court & Frank” up on the shelf near the door and installed a key/mail holder by the door in hopes that it helps me keep track of my keys and sunglasses. Slowly, we’re making this house our home and making it a reflection of us.
  • On a food front, we recently tried Blue Apron. It didn’t work out for us but I’ll write about that soon along with some of the new recipes I’ve been making – including some of what we had for Thanksgiving dinner, my new favorite cookies, and pudding shots.
  • I’m headed back to the pool for six of the next seven weeks on Saturdays. (The other one I have a craft show booked.)
  • Sunday I’m hosting my very first Learn to Crochet with some friends at our place. I’ll be sure to make some goodies and beverages for my guests but I’m nervous as all get out. My friends are nice so fingers crossed it’ll be okay.

That’s about all I have to report today. What’s new in your world? Did you survive this week with minimal bumps and bruises?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Friday Coffee Date ’15-1

  1. Robbie says:

    Why on earth are you nervous for learn to crochet ! Your friends are absolutely lovely and you will have a blast. I’m so sad I can’t come.

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