Friday Five

My brain seems to be a little distracted today which I’m going to chalk up to limited sleep and weird dreams. I didn’t make it to the 6:30 am yoga class but I did remember to come to work today which after being off for 9 days seems like a feat in and of itself.  It seems weird to come back to work on a Friday, but it’s good to ease back into things I think.

I’ve also already consumed 1/3 of the water I wanted to drink today. Go me.

While I haven’t sorted out any specific theme for 2015 still, I’m pulling together some challenges/goals I’d like to do this year.

I’m keeping it as real as I can. I could say that I’d like to read 50 books this year or lose 50 lbs by June, but that’s not realistic for me. Why set myself up for failure? That just seems counterproductive to me when one of the things I want to see less of is “pressure on me, from me” (I did decide that much after a really nasty mental exchange I had with myself after forgetting one of my stepdad’s Christmas gifts. I was not kind to me.)

  1. I’ve been writing down one good thing I’ve done every day and I’m going to continue to do so. Today’s says, “I remembered to go to work today after a solid week of not being sure what day it was.” Along this idea, I’m going to bring back Good Things. It’s time.
  2. I’m going to take on a couple of pins a month. (Hopefully more!) One here and one for Court is Crafty. If you’d like to be added to the Pin Challenge Accepted board, please let me know. I won’t accept every challenge, but you never know!
  3. Treat myself better. I’m not saying to treat myself to this or that which might be included in the “treating” of course, I’m saying to actually treat myself better. Scheduling time to take care of myself and being more mindful of what I’m putting into my body. Telling my inner critic to take a long walk off a short pier/shut the heck up. Acknowledging what I do get done/accomplish is as important as my not yet completed to-do list. Taking time out to heal what ails me be it physical pain in my foot or tailbone or heart ache. You know, things I should already be doing to take care of me.
  4. Disconnect for a full day each month. (Or at least try to disconnect.) Paper books to read. Cookbooks. Hand written letters. I might have to schedule this out in advance, which feels weird, but sometimes weirdness wins. If I can’t swing full days, several hours a few days a month is good too. Very few people need to get a hold of me that badly.
  5. Be better at finishing what I start. I am awesome at coming up with ideas and starting projects. I’m terrible about finishing what I started. Terrible. I can accept that I’ll never be good at it, but I could maybe be better at it. (First up is to tackle the box of crochet projects I started but never finished and to finish hanging doors in our house.)

Okay, I’ve gotten a little lofty with my ambitions for 2015. I expect that I’ll struggle with all of these things and maybe even outright fail at them – possibly even daily! I don’t need to be perfect in any of this, but practicing can lead to good things too. Tell me. How lofty are your resolutions/goals/ambitions for 2015?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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