Thursday Three – Things to share


Hungover puppy.
Definitely how we used to feel after Lance’s birthday

Howdy ho. I have to make this quick so I can finish weaving tails and get packing for a work trip tomorrow. I didn’t look closely enough at the calendar when I agreed to everything this week so I’m a little all over the place. I’m also a little sad because when this posts, it’s actually Lance’s birthday and I miss him.  I’m totally getting a gf cupcake if I can later to celebrate. Maybe a cocktail too. I’ll have to see how the trip to Lake Placid goes!

Just a few other things to share today:

  1. Frank and I are officially hosting our first Thanksgiving! I’ve done turkey dinners, helped with Thanksgiving before, but this is the first time it’ll be me. Well Daddy-O is bringing lasagna because it’s delicious and why not? Now to figure out what else to make…
  2. I’m officially down 1.4lbs since I last shared. That’s almost halfway to my first 3lb increment. I was down more but yesterday wasn’t my best food, salt and water day and it’s only “official” on Thursdays. I am also cumulatively down 1.5 inches (over 8 total measurements). I’m drinking an insane amount of water, and keeping track of everything in myfitnesspal.
  3. My boss shared a new site and ap with me and I love, Love, LOVE! the concept. It’s called Dyne and they describe themselves as “DYNE is a community marketplace that connects members by making local, sustainable meals convenient. DYNE effortlessly brings hosts and guests together through their shared interest in authentic, home cooked food.” Basically it’s an app for people who want to cook for people who want to eat and to make a little money off it maybe. If you want to cook, you post your menu and price, and someone who wants to eat can see it and pay to join you.  People get rated on both sides and you can look at their profile before you agree. People who cook take care of everything and people who eat don’t have to do anything other than pay and show up. Think of it like a gastro-matching site.
    I think this is a super fun idea and would love for it to take off around here but don’t know that it would yet. Right now it’s only in Seattle, but I could see it getting big in lots of places.

So what’s new with you? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Would you try something like Dyne if it came to your area? Would you cook or eat?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Thursday Three – Things to share

  1. Dyne looks AWESOME!!!! I hope it moves from Seattle! I would cook and EAT! DUH!

    Tuesday night wasn’t my best day with healthy – but, I got back on the horse the next day. MFP is definitely keeping me accountable. YAY!

    I love Candied Yams – but, I am trying to find a healthier version for the holidays.

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