A productive weekend, photos, and a question for you


It’s hard to tell, but we climbed in our giant pile of leaves.
It was fricken bright out there

Although the pool is open again, I am not teaching this session. I have a lot of reasons why I’m taking a break, but the biggest one is that I just don’t feel like it when I have lots of other things going on. Look at me taking something off my plate and letting someone else take care of it! I call that personal growth. Go me!

I’ve been plugging along on the whole crafting thing, but with one week to go, I threw the crafting into overdrive because I’m not anywhere near where I think I should be for it. I alternate between excitement and anxiety that it’ll be a huge failure. I’m excited to do this and ridiculously nervous that one of two things will happen: a) that everyone will hate my work, think it’s too expensive or just ignore me or b) that it’ll be a huge hit and I will run out (seriously unlikely, I know)  I have a feeling it’ll be somewhere in the middle.


By the really pretty lake before his race.

I took a few breaks for things like food, leaf raking and flower bed clean out (9 bags later the front is done, we won’t talk about the back yard), Frank to run the After the Leaves Have Fallen Half Marathon and I did a bunch of food prep for the week including pasta sauce, steel cut oatmeal, and cooking down some berries that were getting a little iffy looking but made an awesome strawberry sauce.

I also took a nap when I realized I was in danger of poking myself in the eye with my crochet hook as I nodded off into the wrister I was working on. Crafting can be dangerous and I’m sure no one wants a previously drool covered item.


See? Giant piles of leaves.
Ignore the brown spot on the lawn behind me.
That was from the hot water tank weekend.

While I was crafting, I half watched a couple of movies and a bunch of crap that I can’t recall right now. The first was Expecting Amish which was about as awesome as Jesse McCartney and the Lifetime Movie Chanel could make it and the other was the Time Traveler’s Wife which I did not find exceptional in any way other than being sad. It was alright, but I’m glad I didn’t read that book.

Also while crafting, I started thinking about questions to ask my next person for an Interesting People post. I’ve selected my friend Joe who writes professionally about hockey. If you have anything you’d like to ask a professional hockey/sports writer, let me know and I’ll try to include them in the list.

That’s about all the productivity to report for now, did you have a productive weekend?



About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to A productive weekend, photos, and a question for you

  1. I had a fun weekend – but, overall I got a lot done…

    And I can’t wait to see what you have made for this craft show!

    I love the picture of you before the race! What beautiful scenery.

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