Thursday Three: Things to report.

Why hello there.  Did you enjoy yesterday’s post about Chris and Wheel of Fortune? I had a lot of fun with it and have some more interesting people coming up soon. But today for a little Thursday Three, I thought I’d bring you some snippets of semi newsworthy events.

  1. I’m pleased to report that nor Frank nor I have slipped in to a sugar coma after the lack of trick or treaters and the abundance of full sized candy bars that we have. (I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Frank really wanted to be THAT house and hand out full sized candy bars and I agreed. We were so very excited to see all the kids in costumes and the looks of glee on their little faces when they got a full sized treat. But we only got about 10 or so.) (I didn’t really eat much candy after the weekend. See point 3)
  2. We’re closing in on the Court is Crafty craft show and of course I’m no were near where I’d like to be, but it’ll be okay. I’ve been working my little fingers off and have some cool new things to show for it! Photos to come.
  3.  I finally looked at pictures from my cousin’s wedding and to say I’m less than pleased with myself is an understatement. I know my pants were getting a bit snug again, but I didn’t know it was that bad. I know I’m more than a number on a scale or how I look, but I’m really not comfortable in my own skin and that’s important too. I’m three days into a new myfitnesspal regimen and going strong! Well, yesterday was basically a food shit show, but today’s a new day and I logged in. (You can follow me as BakingSuit there if you’d like to be supportive. If you don’t want to be supportive but still follow me over there, you’re an evil person and I think there’s a spot in Hell for you. It’s not the spot by me.) I’ve made a little tracker to check in with because I like visual reminders. I’m not actually down a full pound, it rounds which is encouraging.  The above number is an ambitious goal, but I’m going to think of it as 3lb increments and hopefully it’ll be easier to stomach.

So, that’s what I have to report today. What do you have to report? Good things? Bad things? Links I should read? New sites to check out? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Winning lottery numbers?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Thursday Three: Things to report.

  1. The mega millions winning ticket was purchased at a gas station 3 miles from my house. No, it wasn’t my ticket – and I really wish it was.

    My stomach is almost feeling normal – Which is good. I started the Whole30 – and I’m not sure if it was wise or stupid really – but the light and basic easy should really help my stomach from IMPLODING again.

    I am proud of you for taking the step to getting yourself back on track. 33.4 pounds is an ambitious goal – but it isn’t an UNACHIEVABLE one. Good for you. I’m right here with you. I don’t know if I will follow you on MFP – but I will certainly wait for any updates with great hope and positivity!

  2. I have about the same (maybe 50 actually) to lose. Added you!

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