Reading More: Spectrum

A copy of Spectrum by Alan Jacobson was made available to me by the publisher at no charge to me through NetGalley. The opinions are my own.

I love getting free books. I love it when I get free mystery/suspense books that I like a lot! Mystery/suspense books are one of my favorite kinds and this one even had some Criminal Minds profiling thrown in for good measure. I’m really glad I asked for this one.

From Amazon:

New York City: home to world-renowned museums, theater, restaurants, iconic sports franchises. Central Park. Wall Street. And an infamous serial killer who’s terrorized the Big Apple for decades. The year is 1995 and the NYPD has just graduated a promising new patrol officer named Karen Vail. The rookie’s first day on the job is anything but easy when she finds herself at the crime scene of a young woman murdered in an unusual manner. Vail is unsure of what she’s looking at or what it means-but it’s a case that will weigh on her mind for nearly twenty years. As the years pass, Vail’s career takes unexpected twists and turns-as does the case that’s come to be known as Hades. Now a skilled FBI profiler, will Vail be in a better position to catch the killer? Or will Hades prove to be Karen Vail’s hell on earth? The character who has captivated readers worldwide-and who won the praise of literary giants Michael Connelly, James Patterson, and Nelson DeMille-returns in a story that captures the experiences that shaped the revered profiler and made her the top cop she is today.

Spectrum was slow to start and had a slightly disappointing ending (it just felt anticlimactic after everything that happened) but the puzzle pieces were put together nicely and it contained some interesting twists and elements. There are two separate stories in the beginning and I figured that they eventually would come together, but just how they fit was interesting to see.

Jacobson made you feel for the Greek family’s tragedy after tragedy and the other characters felt real and a bit gritty as I think they should in a police based suspense book. I don’t love Vail, but I liked her well enough. The often snarky comments she that she was thinking made me smirked or smile but I don’t know if they added anything other than making her sound like a smart ass.

I would read more of the Vail books but save them for a time when I knew engaging for longer times would be difficult. It’s good for a reader who has little time to read, but still wants a good story. The chapters are short and the details stuck with me so I didn’t have to go back and re-read parts. I would absolutely pick up another of this series for traveling or the beach.

LITTLE SPOILER: I will give you a heads up that there was a scene where Vail watched the planes fly into the Twin Towers on 9/11. I wasn’t expecting it and it brought back a slew of emotions that I wasn’t ready for.

Do you love mysteries/suspense books? What’s your favorite kind? Do you have a favorite mystery author?

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