Coffee Date #41 with some #blogtober14 thrown in for fun


Are you sick of fall colors yet?
Good, neither am I.

Hey there! How are you today? Did you survive the week unscathed? I was pretty sure it was going to be the slowest week ever, but Wednesday afternoon really picked things up for me.

What’s in your cup today? I went with the usual! Kahlua (flavor) and hot chocolate mix. It’s Friday and I made it to and through 6:30am yoga class so I feel like I earned it. Speaking of yoga, I went twice this week already and if I’m free tomorrow morning, I might go again. Tomorrow’s isn’t my favorite teacher, but I’ll deal. Maybe this time she won’t be a ninny about me declining a strap and block.


Isn’t she pretty?

Yes, you read that correctly, I said, “If I’m free…” I took the day off from the pool to have the Dexters install our hot water heater, gas line to the kitchen, and new stove.

I realize it’s in the living room, but they’ll need to get in the stove space to do work.

I’m flipping excited to have a 5 burner gas stove. I feel the same way about this that I felt about my polka-dot Steve Maddens. It’s entirely possible I’m more excited about this.

Grown up stuff is super exciting. Please tell me I’m not alone here.

What should I bake first? I’m thinking banana bread or brownies.

So that’s my weekend: maybe yoga, work around the house and feeding the Dexters. What do you have planned?

I might schedule some of the #blogtober14 with (Taylor and Helene) posts if I have some really free time. Today’s is One Thing You Can’t Live Without and I have no idea. If you don’t count people, I feel like I can survive if just about anything is taken away.Sure I get twitchy without my phone, but I don’t get super anxious. I really like the internet, but I have books and paper to write on. Maybe my lip balm? I love it, but rarely can find where I put it so that’s out. I really don’t know.

I will say though that the day I thought I lost Mehmere’s purple crochet hook I was devastated for several reasons. 1. it was hers. 2. it’s a versatile size and has a good hook and 3. it has a “good feel” to it.  Luckily I found it again and joyous crocheting could resume.

Is there something you couldn’t live without?

I have to run and grab some more water, but I hope you have a great weekend!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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