They’re back! Or they will be soon…

Last night when I got home from the pool I quickly ate some food and changed into warm-ish pjs so I could watch Dancing with the Stars. Frank doesn’t love #dwts (I believe he told me it’s a “Bad, bad, bad show”, but what can I say? This season so far I’m sucked in. How could I not be? Chong can dance and Carlton is super fun to watch. I’m mentally hating on that Bethany girl and curious to see what will happen to Betsy, Leah, Antonio, etc. Besides, oh my goodness who’s going to have a wardrobe malfunction? Who will we guess is having an affair? Like I said, I’m sucked in. I’m really surprised though because historically I haven’t liked it.

(Stay tuned for some glorious Frank saids as a result of him watching last night with me.)

I also skipped The Blacklist last night because I don’t like watching that in the dark for some reason but I watched Forever. I still don’t know how I feel about it. It feels like a rip off to New Amsterdam which I loved and was sad to see it go after 8 episodes. I’m going to give Forever a few more episodes (even if they’re on OnDemand) because it has potential.

I’m also looking forward my old friends and favorites coming back in the next couple of weeks. Gibbs, Abby, McGee and Tony are back on NCIS is tonight, the Jeffersonian crew comes back on Bones 9/25, hopefully we’ll find Castle on 9/29 and he and Beckett can get married, and I have a date with the BAU and Sue for Criminal Minds on 10/1. (I don’t know if I’ll watch Stalker. It might be too much for me. I tend to watch tv alone. At night. With a big window and no lights in the back yard.)

I have a few summer shows to catch up on, but that wont take me long. I’ll also be watching my secret shame TV shows like 19 Kids and Counting and Virgin Territory so you don’t have to do it.

It’s a good thing I have so much crafting to do. I’ll have lots of time to multi task!

What’s on your must watch line up? How about your “if I happen to watch it”? What’s your secret (or not so secret like mine) shameful TV watching?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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