Coffee Date #38

Hey there! It’s nice to see you again, what’s in your cup this morning? I’m having Creme Brulee coffee with hot chocolate. I was hoping I had a Kahlua coffee hidden, but it seems I’m out. I’ll have to remedy that next time I find them on sale.

So what’s new? Anything good to report? Any good jokes or funny stories from this week?

I have one for you. Let me share the conversation I had with one of my little swimmers at the pool last night. D is one of my favorite swimmers and over the last couple of years that we’ve worked together, we’ve not only had a lot of fun, but he’s become quite the little swimmer.

D had finished a 75 yard swim for me and was giggling when he came into the wall to talk about what needed to be fixed.

unicornfartglitterMe: D, what’s so funny?
D: What happens when you fart in the pool? Because I did!
Me: Meh, the bubbles come out. Sometimes they get stuck in your suit for a bit first.
D: Oh, okay. (Slightly disappointed – I think that nothing “cooler” happened.)
Me: Come on out of the pool so we can work on something.
D: My mom farted last night!
Me: Everyone farts, D.
D: Girls don’t fart.
Me: Sorry kiddo. They do, we just try to be polite about it.
D: You sure?
Me: Yep.
D: Oh. (Even more disappointed.)

I’m not sure why he was disappointed unless he was trying to get a rise out of me so he didn’t have to swim more, but I’m really hoping I didn’t break his little boy heart with that piece of information though.

Kids. They’re great for a laugh.

Anything exciting planned for this weekend? Frank and I are going to a happy hour near my office to see a college friend of mine play some music. That should be nice. Tomorrow I’m working and then going to friends’ house for dinner which reminds me I have to decide what to bring! Maybe some Ice Cream Sundae Pie? Or gf mac and cheese who knows…

Well I have to get a refill and then run. It was nice to see you! I hope you have a laughter filled weekend!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Coffee Date #38

  1. cwupcake says:

    Poor kid had to learn the tough life lesson that girls do fart. Just wait til’ he learns that we poop, too.
    My vote is that you bring gf Mac n Cheese. I’m a sucker for cheesy noodly stuff.
    I’ll be strapping a 3 year old into the car for a 5 hour trip to a beach house where my husband, son, parents, grandmother, aunt, uncle, sister, and 2 cousins will all be sharing the same oxygen for a week. Which reminds me: gotta pack the vino.

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