Thursday Three – Reasons Why I think Tom Cruise is a Robot

I found this in my drafts and thought it was an excellent post for today…It’s almost a year old and why I didn’t click publish escapes me now, but here you go. Perhaps my subconscious knew that I’d want to make a super fun graphic to go with it?

tomcruiserobotI was talking to BatGirl the other day about something or other and Tom Cruise came up. He did something (can’t remember what right now because I didn’t sleep last night and my brain is totally fried) and I commented that I thought hes clearly a robot.

She agreed that it’s likely. We then went onto discuss the facts* that support this being the case.

  1. The man does not age. Either he has the best plastic surgeon in the field (Let’s be honest, if you have enough work done, it starts to show.) or he’s a robot with Data like skin.
  2. He’s super into Scientology which makes sense from the standpoint that they’re all about “programming” and “deprogramming”. You’d think this would mean he’s not prone to crazy antics but I figure like all other computerized things, sometimes his programming gets gilitchy.
  3. He treated Katie like she was a robot and was a robot with her because he doesn’t know how else to be since he is a robot himself. It would also explain why there is the underlying assumption that Suri is totally Chris Klien’s kid because robots can’t make babies with humans.

I’m sure there’s other reasons, but you know what? My gut says he’s a robot and my gut is rarely wrong.

Do you think he’s a robot? Why or why not?


*Fact is being used loosely here.

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