Good Morning. It’s Monday and nice to meet you


Sometimes I take selfies while I dance around my office to take a break. I think this is ridiculous but adds a little fun to my day.

Breaking news guys! Kim and Kanye have been married for 73 days. That’s officially longer than her second marriage! (Her first marriage to Damon Thomas lasted 3 years.)

Why is this breaking news? I have no idea. (I’d think a possible cure for Ebola was more breaking news…) Also in the news(?) Katy Perry wants to join the Illuminati . Would you want to join that group?

So how’s your Monday going? I had to fight with the k-cup machine at work for my coffee and I’m feeling pretty crappy, but hey, I have a job and a bottle of Advil. Those are two good things. I would have skipped the coffee and had tea but I’m on day 4 of a crappy sleep run and need a little extra boost.

I’ve been noticing new IP addresses around and thought I’d say hello to new visitors. Hi there! And a very special high-five welcome hug to returning friends! I’m pretty sure it’s nice to meet you even if you’re a jerk. Everyone has some sort of redeeming quality even if it’s that I know how I don’t wish to be.

If you’re new around here allow me to introduce myself. I’m fairly certain there are more than one “about me” posts that I’ve published. They are pretty representative of who I am, what I think about, and what I like or don’t, but I’ll tell you about the Me I am today.

I’m Court and I’m a baker, crafter, practical optimist, swimmer, teacher, big sister, best friend and lots of other things that really won’t tell you much about me unless you experience them with me first hand. I love music (covers are a favorite) and I’m often caught dash board drumming, singing along, or chair dancing. I’m not ashamed to admit it or embrace it either.

A couple of summers ago, I had a Picnic with a Judge to make it official that I really Liked this guy Frank that I met via blogging. He has his own blog and his own feature on this one. Some days he drives me nuts, but most days I Like him a whole lot.

I write something about whatever strikes my fancy on any given day.  I don’t always hit publish because sometimes my thoughts don’t really need to see the light of your screen. I love interactive posts where I learn something new about my readers and friends.

I welcome most challenges and you are welcome to suggest one.  During #julyoga, I rediscovered the pleasure in doing hard things and the satisfaction that goes with it. I’ll have to remind myself of that with some of the new challenges I’m taking on.

I’m also like to try new things because why not? (Although I don’t feel it necessary to join the Illuminati). I always have multiple projects going at any given time and I try to stay busy because I’m more likely to get into mischief if I don’t have something productive to do.

I think the world around me is interesting and always want to know more. I’m of the curious sort. I also find the world to be beautiful even if not in a traditional sense. I try to contribute to the beauty in the world around me even if it’s not visual. Thoughts, words and actions can all be beautiful in their own right. I appreciate others who do as well.

I struggle with my weight, sleeping, being able to pay attention and focus. I’ve learned to accept that I won’t likely ever be as thin as I “should”, get more than one decent nights sleep in a row, and work within my focus abilities. Like life, some days are better than others and I try not to let too much get me down because I think life is short and we should do what we can to enjoy it.

If you’d like to know more about me, feel free to ask.What I’ve typed out for today barely scratches the surface, but it’s a good start.

I’d like to know about you. Tell me about who you are today.





About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Good Morning. It’s Monday and nice to meet you

  1. Autumn says:

    Just thought I’d do in and say hi. Ever since Google Reader went away last year (I know, I know), I haven’t kept up with many blogs. Even though we’re fb friends and follow each other on twitter, I couldn’t remember this blog (I do remember the other 2 though, points?), I know, also terrible. Anyway. Just wanted to say hi. Hi. 🙂

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