Coffee er LUNCH date…and August’s challenge let’s #makeaugust a good one!


Last year’s birthday post. It was an epic party.

Happy Friday to you and you and you, and YOU! What did you have for lunch today? I had veggie soup and gf crackers.

Soup and crackers aren’t very inspired, but what can you do? I was tempted to just have a cupcake that I brought in, but I’m trying to hold off for now. I might want one later tonight after all.

So, how are you? Did you survive the week? I assume that if you’re reading this you did at least physically, but what about mentally?

July’s over. I did #julyoga as many days as I could and I enjoyed it. July had it’s rough points for me, but it was over all alright. How was July for you?

Captain Obvious would tell you if July is over then, today is August 1st. August 1st means that today is my brother’s birthday and that it’s time for a new challenge. I have a private one that I’ll share the results of when it’s over but I wanted to do something public for people to join me with if they wanted to do so.

I decided that because my cooking, crafting, and other wise creative endeavors have been sorely lacking this summer, I’m going to work on making something new every day.  It could be something food related, digital, textile, or really anything. The idea is to get my two normally busy hands and brain to get back into the swing of making things.

I might even take it to be a little less concrete some days and try to make someone smile, or their day, memories or mischief.

If you’d like to join along, you can certainly do so and if you’re feeling brave please share what you’ve “made” with the hashtag of #MakeAugust. Please also add a more specific hashtag of WHAT you made. For instance #someonesmile, #someonesday, #someonelaugh, #crafty, #yummy etc.

I’m also going to continue working on my yoga and making progress there. I think I’d like to more resemble girl in the striped pants, doing the funky back bend. I haven’t tried to do that yet and even if I could bend that way, I’m sure it wouldn’t look so graceful. Maybe some day?

I’d also like to make sure that I’m living and reflecting the traits that are listed there.  Most of those Bes? I’m pretty good with…I try like hell to embrace fearlessness, honesty, generosity, bravery, poetry (maybe not with words), openness, freedom, happiness, and to inspire myself and others. I don’t need to be a yogi, but I’d like to be thought of as the other traits and along with yoga, that takes practice.

It might seem like a tall order to #MakeAugust, but I think I’m up for it. Would you care to join me? If you’d like to guest post about what you’re doing/have done or post it on Instagram or Twitter, make sure you use the hastag so I see it!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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