Coffee er Afternoon Tea Date


Thanks for stopping by for tea! What kind are you having? I went with Constant Comment with one sugar and a splash of milk. It’s an old favorite. Do you have a favorite tea?

I’m sorry if you had a hard time finding me for our afternoon tea date. I had to move my office to the colder and ittybitty office side of our work building during the internal restructuring of our office.

I’m trying to be a good sport about it and thankful that I have the job that I do, but the situation kind of sucks. I don’t even have enough floor space to do a plank unless they turn my desk back around so my back is to the door. I don’t do that though – have my back to the door. Freaks me out a bit. It was once suggested that it’s the little bit of mobster in me, but really think it’s because I’m nosy.

Maybe “curious” is a better word. People seem to respond better to it. Which is better to you? Someone being nosy or being curious? How about skinny or svelte? Cheap or frugal? slightly wet or moist?

Are there any words that are seemingly innocuous but have a bad visceral reaction for you? “Ain’t” is one of those words for me. I just hate it. Moist is another one of those for me. I just cringe when I hear it.

Unless it’s about cake or quick bread…then it’s all good in my book. Not to mention delicious! Even chocolate chip cookies can be moist. Nothing else though.

Speaking of which, I think I’m going to go get a cookie to go with my tea. I hope you have an excellent weekend and find something delightful to do. My to do list is not delightful, but getting it done will let me relax a bit!




About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Coffee er Afternoon Tea Date

  1. moist is such a horrible word! I won’t sleep with my back to the door, I think it’s part of my primal instinct.

    S xo.

  2. Ashley M. says:

    I HATE the word moist! And while my back is to the opening of my cubicle. I can still see when someone is walking up to me. I don’t like to be scared šŸ™‚

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