Thursday Three – Things I did to kick this slump in the butt


It’s been a bit of a rough week. I think I mentioned that before? Good news is that I’m starting to feel a little more like myself.

Yesterday was certainly better than the day before and today’s a slight bit better than that.  (This Buzzfeed post about – achem – not manscaping (NSFW by the way) was a lovely addition to my morning…just don’t read the words. You’ll thank me for that helpful hint.)

Because each slump comes from it’s own place, it can be hard for me sometimes to kick it in the butt and get back to happy, bright, smiley me. (I was recently told “You were a ray of sunshine during some really dark days for me, thank you for that.”)

This particular slump was escorted back out of my life by doing the following:

  1. Going to Warm Yoga. (It wasn’t really hot this week but it was warm enough that with some effort I had a really gross sweat going on. Every time I had to wipe my face off, I thought, “Goodbye bad feeling of ____________.” and gave each drop a bad feeling. Gross, right? But it worked.  Also, while I was there I did some really hard (for me) things and I was so stinkin’ proud of myself that I had this ridiculous big stupid grin on my face.
  2. I stopped looking at the snarky sites and found some happy news. Sounds silly, but I spent some time reading some upbeat, happy bloggers. Sure the snark can be funny, but I found the negativity influencing my own already dark thoughts. When I woke up yesterday morning I said, “Today I find the good in something or I’ll think about it tomorrow.” And I did. Sometimes it took some serious effort on my part or walking away and coming back to something, but each good thought was a little easier.
  3. I picked up a crochet hook and a ball of yarn and made something. Just a quick double loop cowl, but it was something I KNEW I could get right. It also helped that the soft feel of yarn through my fingers, the pretty shade of blue made me smile, and I had about 8″ left over.

Sometimes getting out of a slump takes some effort, but when I work for it, it usually ends up okay.

What do you do to get out of a slump?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Thursday Three – Things I did to kick this slump in the butt

  1. I usually try to push through… put my head down and just take the storm on…

    But, sometimes.. it’s just admitting defeat… letting it consume me… and then realizing how much I hate it…

    Depends on the origin of the slump

  2. Robbie says:

    I usually do some extra volunteering or spend some time with Bray and Jack. I’m so happy you are feeling better. Keep that chin up so we all can see your gorgeous smile.

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