It was like a punch to the solar plexus

life is a highway by bro

Image from google. The words are my brother’s.

We’ve had some turn over at work in the last few months and by now, I’ve gotten sort of used to the “moving on” e-mails from the HR guy at work when someone decides they aren’t working out. Or if work decides they aren’t working out.

Some of them affect me more than others. It’s to be expected. How can they not? Some of the people who have left I’ve worked with for the better part of a decade now and had established a certain amount of comrade with if not actual friendship.

The most recent one was a good friend of mine and although I knew it was coming, when I get the e-mail at the end of last week, I was sad.

BUT! I also knew he was going on vacation and had fully planned on deluding myself into thinking I’d see him in two weeks. What can I say? My brother has seen 3 tours of duty, I’m pretty good at it by now.

I was sleepily wondering how my friend’s grand adventure was going when I came around the corner and walked past his office. I think I audibly gasped and splashed hot coffee on my hand when I saw his name plate was gone.

I knew he wouldn’t be there, but visible proof that he won’t be back was a horse of a different color.

I know it’s really best for him, but that doesn’t make it suck any less. Or make me think I’ll miss him any less.

I know that people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. (Or as my bro once told me, “Life is like a highway. The people in your life might be with you for just one exit, for a big part of your trip, or for the whole journey.”) It doesn’t make it any easier when they go.

I don’t mean to imply that he’s gone from my life for good – only time will tell if that’s to be the case, but I will miss our almost daily interaction. He was a friendly face to see every day, to work on projects or present with, to gripe about internal crap with, and to joke with. I will miss that.

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2 Responses to It was like a punch to the solar plexus

  1. 😦 I understand this feeling.

    It stinks.

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