Oh! Did we get Dirty with @godirtygirl

In Friday’s haiku post, I mentioned that I was headed to Jersey to see Robbie and participate the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I’ve never done one before, I don’t mind getting a little (or a lot!) dirty and it was what she wanted to do for her birthday so I said, sure, I’m in. What the hell, why not?

(Other “Why the hell nots?” for Robbie’s birthdays include two tattoos and a day at the horse track.)

My trip itself was about as you’d expect when I go on a road trip myself. I got lost a few times, found my way there and we had a delightful evening chatting, laughing and having a couple of glasses of wine. We had to be up early to get to the Poconos.

pre race

Before the race, aren’t we pretty?

We met up with the team of women Robbie’s niece had put together and we were off!

Sort of. My GPS decided to shut itself off so we missed the turn and the next exit was basically 15 miles away. Not to worry, we got there in time enough to join the wave before our scheduled one.

(I’d like to take a second to tell you that none of the towns we went through on 309 seemed to have public bathrooms in their gas stations. What kind of crap is that?)

I’d like to also go on the record and say that I’m not in the best shape (like my cousin Ar who dominated her Spartan Run the next day!) I can admit that and was not under any illusion that I could run this whole thing.  However, I’m not in terrible shape and I’m strong/have okay endurance. This run was billed as a “run for everyone” though and that was entirely misleading because it wasn’t. At all.

It was on a huge farm in the Poconos which is fine, but the roughly 1/4 mile hill at mile 2 of 3.1 that rivals the ones between the two levels of Troy? I almost cried when I saw it. I truly feel for some of the women who attempted to do this course. I can do hard things and enjoy a challenge, but this was really hard.  (I was chatting with a few of them as I walked to my car and they felt the same way.)

post run

We did it! I managed not to get quite as covered as the others which was good because omg the smell.

Without whining about it too much because I’d like to focus on the positives from the weekend, suffice it to say I didn’t enjoy the course as much as I thought I would, the farm mud smell really got to me, but I loved the quality time with Robbie and we finished.

After the race we donated our mud covered and soaked sneakers and waited in line to hose off.

While we were waiting, I realized that the dried mud was easy to flake off my skin so I got to work on that. My skin is super well exfoliated now if you’re wondering. And yes, I’m choosing to ignore WHAT it was exfoliated with…

Can I tell you how nice that cold water felt? It was really amazing.  We helped each other get as clean as we could standing in more mud with a garden hose and went into the changing tents. I didn’t bother changing because I had my bathing suit and yoga capris on and as such was already pretty dry. (Smart move on my part, I didn’t have to worry about stripping down to my skivvies, I was down to something I wear on a regular basis in public!)

post run snack

Post run snack. Yes, I’m wearing my bathing suit. The lighting is weird, my hands aren’t dirty still.

Once the group was changed we went about finding snacks and beer. I didn’t have beer because it’s not gluten free so I got a sausage peppers and onions in a dish (they didn’t have forks, I made do), a purple flavored snow cone and gave my beer to one of the girls.

After a bit of chatting I realized I needed to hit the road because I still had four and a half hours to drive home. The drive home is a story for a different day though…

Over all I had a decent solo road trip, a great visit to see Robbie but I’m not sure I’d do another Dirty Girl Mud run. It just didn’t meet my (even low) expectations. I can only imagine what we’ll do for her birthday next year. Thanks for inviting me Robbie!

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5 Responses to Oh! Did we get Dirty with @godirtygirl

  1. cwupcake says:

    aww… I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time at the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Maybe try the one in Scranton next year? I’ve been doing that one the last 3 years and there and there weren’t any significant hills. The mud there is thick as all heck but doesn’t smell like farm at all.

  2. But you did it! And that’s awesome! I keep toying with the idea of doing a Mud Run.. But, you know just TOYING with the idea.

    Maybe I’ll look for one this fall…
    Maybe not!

  3. Robbie says:

    So happy you came, the course was definitely rough and I couldn’t walk for two days, but damn it we finished. I’m thinking party boat next year, complete with waterskiing and body boarding with cocktails for next year. Shame you live so far away, we are also doing a paint night on the 26th, because well it’s July and we celebrate me all month 🙂 xxoo

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