JG participates in #julyoga and here’s what she has to say about it

JG has joined us for #julyoga and she sent me this handy flow chart that you might find helpful. She and I do love a good flow chart ๐Ÿ™‚ Who knew there were so many types of yoga? Not I, that’s for sure. Anyway, she was great and answered a few questions for me.


(to make the chart bigger, you can click here)

1) What drew you to yoga?
Initially, as an alternative form of exercise (my roommate had an Ali MacGraw yoga video and I thought, why not?). Then there was this follow-along TV show on the Oxygen network called Inhale, which was insanely difficult, and even though I failed miserably at keeping up, no one could see me, so I kept trying. I liked that it was a good cardio and strength workout, without being hard on the joints like running. I could do it at home no matter the weather or time of day, and all I needed was a mat and an open mind.

2) How long have you been doing yoga?
Sporadically since 1998, more regularly via videos since 2003, in a class since 2008.

3) How often do you practice outside of #julyoga?
Once a week in a lunchtime class, plus occasionally in the mornings or evenings.

4) Do you like yoga or tolerate it? Why?
I like yoga a lot. I like how many different forms and levels and depths there are. I like that it can be both calming and invigorating, meditative and sweat-inducing, spiritual and physical, mind-focusing and mind-expanding, a link to the past and connection with others now. See also #1 above.

5) Did anything about yoga surprise you? If so, what?
That it’s not just for hippies, Californians, celebrities and/or Hindus, and it’s not just for the double-jointed, acrobatic, and/or athletic.

6) What brought you to #julyoga?
My colleague next door. ๐Ÿ˜‰

7) What do you hope to get out of #julyoga?
To create and maintain a more regular yoga practice.

8) Do you have a favorite type of yoga? If so what?
Not really; it depends on my mood. There are too many types of yoga out there for me to keep track of, so I don’t usually pay too much attention to the type. When I take a class or do a video, I look at the description and choose depending on what I feel like doing. When I get into a daily morning yoga groove, it is a few rounds of classic Sun Salutations, and/or a series of five exercises called The Five Tibetans. [Edited: J says that the first time you do one of each so “1 x spin”, “1 x leg lifts”, “1 x camel”, “1 x staff to table”, and “1 x up dog-down dog” and then the second day you do 3x of each instead of one. The goal is to build up to 21 x of each. Here’s a video I found.]

9) Whatโ€™s your favorite yoga position or action? Why?
It’s a tie between Child’s Pose after a long Downward Dog (ahh, grateful relief), and a nice long Pigeon Pose (to stretch tight hip muscles after sitting too long).

10) What would you like others to know about yoga?
There’s a big world of yoga out there, and there’s probably a style or teacher to suit your needs. [Edited: See chart! Seriously!] I strive to better myself, and I know that there’s always room for improvement, but I don’t try to force my body to do what it resists. Just breathe, and try again next time.

Thanks JG! If anyone has any questions leave them below or send them to me and I’ll make sure she gets them.

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2 Responses to JG participates in #julyoga and here’s what she has to say about it

  1. You inspired me.. I took a yoga class last Sunday.. and I didn’t hate it.. and I might just go again!

    • Court says:

      How was it? I saw your little one did it too. Don’t forget there are videos for kids on YouTube and they’re super cute On Jul 14, 2014 2:57 PM, “baking in my bathing suit” wrote:


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