And then I missed a day of #julyoga

If you follow me on twitter or we’re friends on facebook, you might have noticed that I didn’t report my yoga activity for last night. I didn’t forget to report it, I just didn’t do yoga.

In a sense I feel that I failed July’s Challenge but in a sense I didn’t and that part might be more important.

Hear me out.

Every yoga instructor I’ve met, whether via in person class or through a video has said the same thing. (And I’m not talking about lengthening through your finger tips or standing strong which is a post for a different day.) The keep saying to listen to your body and make adjustments as you go. Not to do things if it hurts. Modify the pose so you can do it and then try to push a little more.

Well, last night’s modification to my challenge came from the fact that my shoulders were sore and didn’t want anything to do with  moving any more than they had to and my body wanted to sleep. So instead of forcing myself to get up and do yoga last night, I let myself drift off and get some sleep.

I feel a little guilty that I’m encouraging people to do yoga every day when I only got to the end of week one before I missed one, but I’ve learned the hard way that when I don’t listen to my body or fight sleep too long that it ends up being worse in the long run.

One of the instructors I liked very much said that yoga is about the practice, not perfection. Last night I practiced listening to my body (something I’m admittedly not good at generally speaking) instead of racking up a “perfect” score for this challenge.

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2 Responses to And then I missed a day of #julyoga

  1. It’s all about listening to your body! It’s super important!
    If it doesn’t feel good… don’t do it. There’s good sore and UHOH sore. You know what I mean?

    Come over later on today for my Tabata Post.. it’s a great class I do. I should have it up sometime this afternoon.

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