This is not a holiday weekend recap

Although I sometimes enjoy a good holiday weekend recap, I am sometimes left wondering why people bother writing detailed posts about their weekend in general. I do not begrudge them the opportunity to share what I’m absolutely sure was their “best weekend ever!” but unless something truly awesome happens or it was really one for the books I’m not inclined (anymore) to read a recap.

I don’t usually write them either, but I will tell you about the highlights from my weekend though because I think they’re moments that we can universally say were really good things.

  • Thursday I had great swimming lessons and then I got Five Guys. I really just wanted the french fries, but the burger was pretty good too. Five Guys french fries with a friend is a great thing.
  • Friday I didn’t go to work. Daddy-O came over for a bit and painted during the day, Sue came over for cheese chips and ice cream. Also, I already mentioned it, but I fixed my laptop (best I can tell so far). I hasn’t yet crapped out on my while listening to Pandora and editing photos and having facebook opened yet. (Knock on wood we’re good for a bit.) Turning a frustrating, hijacked day around is awesome. Having a day off from work is wonderful. Hanging out with a good friend is fantastic.
  • D’Lovely, Em and O came to meet me at the pool when I was done and we played in the park. It wasn’t the easiest day at the pool but seeing them cheered me up like you wouldn’t believe. O can now say my name and he said, “I luhoo Cookie” (I don’t know how to type how he says my name, but it sounds a lot like “cookie”. Em was quite delightful telling me stories and swinging SO! HIGH! “Higher Courtney! Higher!”. Good friends with surprises is wonderful. Hearing one of your favorite munchkins say your name and that he loves you is heart melting.
  • Frank came home and I got a hug. I missed him. Having that guy I like home is really awesome.
  • BBQ with lovely friends. I don’t need to tell you how nice this is!

So it wasn’t exciting, but my weekend had super nice things. How was yours?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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