It’s a holiday weekend and I’m not leaving town.


Nothing to do with this post, but I had a visitor this morning

An update to yesterday’s post. I got my yoga in (Power Yoga w/ Heath House on Sportskool) and the wall has been quiet last night so Daddy-O thinks it left because of the banging on the wall or sonic things or well, is no longer able to annoy me.

With Frank headed out of town for the weekend I’ll be left to my own devices for food and entertainment. This doesn’t differ much from the norm and I have nothing too exciting planned but I’m left wondering what I’ll actually do while he’s gone.  (Other than work. I have to work Thursday at both jobs and Saturday at the pool.)

Last time Frank left me I had a girls night, but with the holiday a lot of people already have plans or will be out of town. I can certainly make pizza and do crafts by myself but it seems like a lot of trouble just for me right now.  Besides, most of my craft stuff is still in boxes and not easy to get to in the garage.

I actually have a to do list for myself that includes doing yoga, painting walls and a dresser, making curtains and a new skirt/dress for me, painting more trim, and not freaking out about every little sound that I hear.  (Which could be a job in itself!)

I could even add to that list some 20/10s of putting away/cleaning if I’m feeling sassy about life. Meals will be super exciting as well. I’m sure of it. I have several boxes of cereal, salad fixings and peanut butter and jelly.  (I’m only sort of kidding. when I lived alone, I rarely cooked an actual meal.)

The life of a “bachelorette”. I’ve got this covered!

Although I’m not feeling overly rushed to get much of my to-do list done, I don’t want to feel like I accomplished nothing during this long weekend. What I’ll likely do is paint Friday morning, take Sue up on her offer to sit pool side Friday, paint more Friday night, and maybe find some fireworks to watch. Then I have early work on Saturday and nothing much planned for the rest of that day other than to come up with some special treat for a bbq I’m headed to on Sunday.

I’m exciting. I know. Wild even. Can you live at this speed?

Do you have big plans this weekend? When you’re on your own for food, what do you usually have? If I was coming to your bbq, what dessert would you like me to bring?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to It’s a holiday weekend and I’m not leaving town.

  1. Well, we are probably just doing a small bbq, just the four of us, maybe my father’s girlfriend…
    But, then going to watch the local fireworks… You know, small and simple.

    If you were coming to my bbq… I would want you to make some type of ice cream pie… Maybe S’mores flavored… Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Or cookies…

    Or anything… Dude, you want to bake something fantabulous and come down to the OC? Orange County is a hop and a jump you know! hahaha

  2. Robbie says:

    My big plans – a wedding on Thursday night and a weekend full of work around the house. Since I live near the birth place of our Freedom, I’ll probably take in the fire works in Philly. If you were coming to my bbq, I would want chocolate chip brownies 🙂

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