THIS! And I overslept on the first day of #julyoga

I meant to get up early today to start the day with our first day of #julyoga, but I didn’t because sleep isn’t being kind to me at the moment. I actually know what the problem is though!

ghost v mouseWe seem to have (what we hope is just) a mouse living in one of the walls. Since I can hear it moving around, I’m a little freaked out. If you guessed that rustling in the night and being freaked out leads to crappy sleep, well you’d be right and earn yourself a gold star.

We picked up some traps (so far nothing) and some sonic things for the outlets that came recommended by a few friends who live out in the sticks and deal with this often. Daddy-O is coming over after work to check it out and see what else we can do. These things happen, but I wish it wasn’t a rodent. I hate rodents. Blech.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s really just a benevolent ghost, but no one else thinks that’s preferable. Silly people.

Speaking of silly people. The other day a mom brought her newborn baby to the pool. It’s not common because who wants to bring a newborn to the pool? It’s humid, generally hot, and the air quality is pretty awful. That said, I’ve seen it before. Usually they hang out in their car seat/carriers and sleep. Sometimes they’re awake. You know what they’re not usually doing? SPLASHING IN THE POOL.

Sunday some silly lady had her newborn in the pool with her, her husband(?), and other splashing kiddos. I personally think this is a terrible idea. Most of the world agrees with me but without signage to back us up and an already Negative Nelly of a patron, we didn’t say anything. (Sometimes you choose your battles on the pool deck.) Someone else did though! The woman was really unhappy saying that her pediatrician said it was okay and no one said anything to her before blah blah blah.

Lady. Your kid is like six weeks old. She shouldn’t be in the pool… capisce?

Anyway. Hopefully tonight I’ll have a little bit better of a time sleeping so I don’t make silly choices like the pool lady. At the very least I’m going to get a yoga video in for today. Are you?


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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to THIS! And I overslept on the first day of #julyoga

  1. Mice… yuck.. just yuck.. But, BATS are worse. JUST SAYING

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