Veggies on the grill: Red peppers


I wanted to title this post “Grillin’ it and grillin’ it and grillin’ it good”, but something in my gut told me not to do so. Not sure why, but I’ve tagged it that way instead.

Anyway! I was thinking about the food in my fridge Monday afternoon deciding if we had more veggies to eat in there and it dawned on me that we had some red peppers to use up and we were having chicken sausage for dinner.

Cue lightbulb!

Frank was in charge of dinner though and I didn’t know if he’d be up for making something new on the grill…(He’s a pretty good cook when I give him a recipe, but he’s not always gun-ho about trying to make new things without me there to guide him.)

He’d been watching me make asparagus on the grill the other day so I thought he might be willing to give it a go. Riding the wave of braveness from recently taking out a wasps nest, he agreed that he could give the peppers a whirl.


Here’s what he used:

  • Two large red peppers, sliced into pinky width strips.
  • 2 TBSP butter (or olive oil if you want)
  • 4 TBSP of Worcestershire sauce
  • Spice of your choice. We have a spicy garlic grinder that we put on lots of things.

Here’s how he did it:

  1. Rinse and de-seed peppers. Slice two red peppers in to pinky width strips.
  2. Put 2 TBSP of butter (cut into cubes) in the bottom of the foil pan
  3. Put peppers in foil pan
  4. Add about 4 TBSP of Worcestershire sauce and a few grinds of spicy garlic
  5. Cover with foil and put on the top shelf of the grill.
  6. If you put them on the grill when you put the sausages on and uncover for the last couple of minutes they’ll be done just right.

If it’s helpful to know, we generally use foil pans that seem to be drip catch pans but they’re a great size to put veggies on the grill with too. You can use any sort of pan that can go on the grill or even make a foil packet on your own if you’re up for the challenge.

They were so very good and ridiculously easy to make. I think they’ll be made again.

How do you cook veggies on the grill?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Veggies on the grill: Red peppers

  1. For Christmas one year, I got this fancy grill set. It game with a little Grill Pan.. think Wok, for the grill.. but it has holes in it… It’s perfect for grilling the veggies!!

    I love grilled veggies, and now I want some!

  2. I frequently use a basket to grill my vegetables. I like the grill marks.

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