Coffee Date #33


Frank and I before the race. It was raining, that’s not sweat – yet.

Hello friends! How are you today?  I’m a little sore from yesterday’s Workforce Challenge. It was a tough one! What can I say? Between a prolonged recovery time from being so sick last month (I still sound like I’m dying if I get coughing.) and the house stuff I haven’t been able to train at all. My plan had been to walk the 3.5 miles but that was boring so I started jogging it. Then walking, then jogging, then walking. You get the drift.

I ran into a few people I know and was catching up a bit with them while we walked too. I also happened upon a woman who was really struggling and didn’t think she could finish.  We talked about the race, things that were hard about it, and that from where we were, the hard part was done. I asked if she wanted to jog with me and she did so we jogged. When we got to the last few blocks I mentioned that the red light we could see was at the top of the finish (down) hill. From there she kicked it up a notch and finished ahead of me. I’m totally pretending that I inspired her to finish.

I could have done better, but my heart has been in other places lately.

Progress on the house goes in fits and spurts. It’s kind of hard and I wish I had taken a week off like I first planned, but it’ll work out. Most days we’re working all day going to the apartment to pick up something or other or running other house errands and then coming home to do work at the house have dinner and then try to relax a little and unwind.

Yes that was a giant, no breath, run on sentence, but that’s what life has been lately. And it won’t be done for a bit yet. We’re moving the rest of the stuff Sunday and then next weekend we’re painting. The weekend after that we’re putting in floors.

June 7th.

I keep reminding myself that June 7th I hope to have nothing pressing to do other than drink mojitos on the deck. It’s ambitious, but I can always do more work after that weekend if I want to, right?

Don’t worry. I’m okay, really I am. And I don’t wish to complain, because all of the work is going to a good place, but sometimes it’s just hard to keep my eye on the prize, you know? It’s downright daunting sometimes. We’re incredibly lucky to have purchased our first home and to have the skills to do some of the things we are doing ourselves and help to do other things! I’m going to keep focusing on that.


The grill makes dinner easier!

Another saving grace to this whole thing? The grill works just fine and it’s been pretty nice out to use it. I love food on the grill.

I have to run and see about hooking up the new dishwasher and then evaluating what kind of fixes some damage to walls will take. Oddly, I have more faith in my abilities to hook up the dishwasher than properly fix the damage to the walls! I’ll post updates as I go if you’re interested.

So! How are you? Anything good to report? Any good foods lately?

Question: What’s your favorite food to cook on the grill? Feel free to share the recipe/how you do it!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Coffee Date #33

  1. Veronica says:

    Ben grills shrimp and then makes pesto which we have over fettuccini. It’s phenomenal.

  2. Robbie says:

    Dave does all the grilling, I just eat it. But we do a pork loin marinated in zesty Italian dressing cooked in a tinfoil boat. It’s yummy.

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