No apologies!

I really hate those blog posts that apologize for not posting because of xy or z reasons. It’s life, it’s a blog, it happens.

Why do people feel it’s necessary to apologize for being gone from their blog? People get busy, life happens, are any of us that important to Blogland that it’ll come to a grinding halt if we don’t post? I’ve often wondered about that. I also wonder about lots of other likely more important things like working smarter, why the fresh pineapple I just ate had a slight hand lotion flavor, what the winning MegaMillion numbers are, if I can grow my own raspberries and many more things.

But I digress

Since Blogland won’t come to a grinding halt if I don’t post, I’m not going to apologize. I also don’t think I’ll offend anyone or let them down either if I don’t show up every day to write something. (Now, I don’t think I’ve ever apologized for not posting, but I didn’t go back and look at every single post to be sure. If I did that was wrong of me and when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. [Name that quote.])

Instead I’ll tell you that I’ll see you soon with some (hopefully) really exciting news. Do you have any news for me?



About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to No apologies!

  1. Robbie says:

    No news is good news….holding steady with the same ole shit over here 🙂

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