Reading more: Twilight’s Child

Hey, remember when Lifetime released their version Flowers in the Attic? It was pretty awful, but before I could watch it, I had to read the book. Even though I’d read most of the VC Andrews books back in high school, somehow I’d missed that one. No biggie, The Book Barn (a used book store near us) had a copy.

He also had 4 others that I wanted to re-read…so I got them too.

Twilight’s Child is the third book in the Cutler Series. If you haven’t read the first ones, it would probably be helpful because unlike the Stephanie Plumb books, there’s little recap for background info you might need. (By the way, this website was super helpful in figuring out which book to read next because it’s not always to clear on other sites.)

From Amazon:

As Mrs. James Gary Longchamp, Dawn is blissfully happy. But a legacy of deceit and betrayal still haunts her…

At last Dawn can create a haven of warmth and love for her beautiful baby girl, Christie, and her darling Jimmy. Dawn is a huge success as the new owner of the Cutler’s Cove hotel…and soon she and Jimmy will be blessed with a child of their own.

Yet Dawn cannot quell her forebodings of evil. She can sense Grandmother Cutler’s presence everywhere…can feel her bitter hatred as if the old lady plotted her vengeance from the grave. When Dawn discovers that her brother, Philip, still clings to his mad, shameful passion for her, she is heartstricken. Her spiteful, jealous sister, Clara, is far easier to ignore…until the day Clara’s childish rage explodes into violence, destroying Dawn’s most cherished, precious dream.

Then Christie’s father, debonair singing star Michael Sutton, returns. Now, as the heartaches and scandals of the past threaten to engulf her, Dawn must fight for her steadfast Jimmy…for only with Jimmy’s love can she find the rainbow at the end of the storm.

I don’t like the Cutler series as much as others, but it was a decent enough read. It’s a really dramatic book and I recall thinking the first time I read it, “Just how much bad luck can one family have?”(Universe, that’s not an invitation to show me. Thanks!)

After feeling sort of meh about this one, I don’t know if I’ll read the others that I got, it seems they’re better in my memory than to re-read them now. Anyone feel that way about books they’ve read again as an adult? Have there been any books you liked more as an adult than when you read them the first time?

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1 Response to Reading more: Twilight’s Child

  1. Robbie says:

    My mother gave me “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn” as my first grown up book to read. I try and read it at least once a year and have brought copies for my daughters. I highly recommend it. Oh, and I often read the Harry Potter series over and over again, don’t judge – I love the world it takes me too 🙂

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