Everything is beautiful, it is!

bleachers beautyI was a little sad this morning to see that it had snowed last night. Not only had it snowed, but it had accumulated on to my car. I don’t know about you, but while I love the snow, it has a time and a place. It’s time is over. It didn’t help that my vest and coat were in my car and I had already put my scraper in the trunk when I cleaned out my car the other day.

It was not a beautiful moment getting into my car this morning.

But, beauty is subjective. Beauty is all around us, every day. It can be a sound, something we see, taste, feel, or think. Sometimes you have to look harder, change the framing or how you’re looking at it. It’s there, you have to see it.

I recently read this post by Dana and it’s summarized everything I’ve felt for a very long time. (If you don’t want to click over, here’s what she said.)

Learn to actually see more of the beauty in everything. The broken, the scuffed, the diamonds in the rough.  Some things demand to be fixed, others to be transformed, and others recycled. But by starting with the premise that everything does have beauty, you will see more of the value in treating your whole life- and everything you interact with- with care. xoxo Dana

I took the photo of the bleachers above several years back when I was poking around Albany with my camera. I don’t remember why I took it, just that it struck me as beautiful. It might have been the colors against the sky, the stories my imagination thought it held, or the sounds of the kids laughing on the playground nearby. It’s a little rusty, paint chipped and needs some love, but it’s held cheering fans, parents who have hopefully  hugged their kids after a disappointing match, and any number of tushes for different reasons. It’s been part of their lives and while you say, “Court. It’s a just a set of bleachers.” I see the life it’s lead.

So after the less than beautiful start to the day, I found beauty in the way the light was reflecting from the wet roads and the snow glittered around me like diamonds. I later found it in a coconut macaroon and the left overs I brought for lunch. I found it in good news received from a friend and a chat during lunch with D’Lovely. I found it in the pennies stacked on my desk, the sound of a coworker’s question, and in the hope conveyed in another blogger’s painful to write post.

Some of those were a little harder to find than others, but it’s there. You just have to let yourself see it.

Where did you find beauty today?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Everything is beautiful, it is!

  1. I had a similar moment while driving into work.. the small amount of frost/snow on top of the greening leaves… It was all very pretty….

    Cold.. But pretty

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