Coffee Date #29

pretty tulips icky paper stack

Such pretty flowers!

Why hello there! I feel like it’s been forever. Mostly because I think it has been. I’m excited to report that the huge project, the medium project, and the small project at work were all done and it’s a huge relief. This was on top of my usual work.  I’m not complaining that I had to get it all done, but I’m thankful that they’re behind me!

So what’s new with you? Anything good to report? Yesterday I had a lovely birthday and was seriously spoiled by that guy I married, family and friends. I’m a lucky lucky lady. SO LUCKY! (Also I have left overs of a modified version of Pioneer Woman’s Au Gratin Potatoes for lunch.)

I don’t want to talk about the house buying too much because I don’t want it to be jinxed, but we’re moving along to the next step. I’ll keep you posted though! I’ve slowly been purging and packing but I’m at a point now where we might be moving in less than 2 months and I don’t know what I’ll need in those months. A lot of my Court is Crafty stuff can be packed though so that’s on task for this weekend.

How about you? Anything exciting to do this weekend? You know what I’m not doing? Going to the pool and it seems delightful. I’m enjoying my role as more of a fill in person but too many weekends in a row and I feel burnt out.

Oh! I’m doing my damnedest to bring spring on. I do this by thinking of flowers, doodling them, and wearing bright happy Spring like colors whenever I can. So tired of grey and cold. This week has been better, but no guarantees around these parts that we won’t get snow in May but we can try! Let’s join together in willing Spring to Spring!

Do I think this will work? Not really, but at least I feel more cheerful in the happy, bright, Spring like colors!

Is it Spring where you are yet? Feel free to send me a photo!

That’s enough from me today. I think Alissa is hosting a coffee date if you’d like to have more! She has a new blog too so you’ll have to check it out.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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