…Sweet dreams. Gratefully yours, Court

We made it to our destination with minimal travel issues for which I am thankful. We had a busy day with coffee drinking, picking up deodorant so I wasn’t the smelly tourist, touring the Kennedy Space Center, and sitting in the sun, chatting with my mom.

Other than maybe the dog, I’m the only one awake at the moment. I’m okay with being awake late, by myself, because it’s in the quiet moments of the evening, once everyone has gone to bed, that I’m able to reflect on how lucky I am.

A loving and generous family, a guy who adores me and indulges me when I say, “Hey! Get a photo of this!” (as I maniacally giggle and pose)


I'll catch you space man!

…and looks up menus before we go to a restaurant to see what’s gluten free and that I can eat.

I have a really good friends who have my back, help heal my heart, and laugh with me – oh do we laugh! My work situation has its issues, but it’s pretty good and I really kucked out in the boss and most coworker department.

Right now I’m laying on the couch, watching this week’s Bones, listening to the wind in the bushes outside the window, the bugs calling out, and the cars drive by.  And I’m feeling so very grreatful, lucky, and blessed.

Who or whatever arranged for me to be so damn lucky and blessed? Thank you.

That’s all. Sweet dreams, good night.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to …Sweet dreams. Gratefully yours, Court

  1. BatGirl says:

    Love that photo! It looks like you’re tossing and catching him like people do with babies, but the lack of gravity is causing trouble.

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