Nice moments

Sometimes life throws you crappy crappy things and we deal with it and move on. Sometimes life rewards you with very nice moments after the crappy things.  Beautiful sunsets after a really hard day at work, a great swim lesson after a string of poorly behaved kids, or a genuine compliment about something you thought no one was paying attention to can really seemingly erase the bad feelings or things.

Today had one of those really nice moments.

I was getting coffee when the big boss lady at my office started asking me about Court is Crafty and if there was any progress on the house hunt. I was able to tell her that I’ve been approved for my sales tax and pre-approved for a mortgage. (Sorry to be repetitive, I’m fricken excited about both.)

But this woman who has little vested interest in my life other than how I perform at work was genuinely happy for me that these good things are happening for us. (Knock on wood nothing derails them!) She had thoughtful questions for me, shared moments from her memories and smiled with me.

Her only concern was that I let her know if/when I decide to start selling cupcakes. She’s a fan of them.

I know in my head and heart that my family and friends love and support me to no end. I am incredibly thankful and feel blessed that this is the case and feel it every day. When someone who doesn’t “have to” care does? It makes me feel even more blessed.

It might not seem like a big moment, but sometimes when these moments catch you off guard and remind you just how lucky you are to be surrounded by love and support.

This is just one of those really nice moments that struck a chord.  There have been a lot lately and I might start sharing them more often.

(Big thank yous to my family and friends who support me day in and day out in all of my endeavors. I don’t know that I say thank you enough or let you know how much I appreciate it, but I really do.)

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Nice moments

  1. Sue says:

    People who have attended events at my house and had your cupcakes have often asked if you sell them.

    Also, I only care because I want to care. I think you know I stopped subscribing to the “I have to care about this person” theory a while ago. You just make my heart smile. 🙂

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