#12×30 Challenge – February

Sometimes I think I don’t have enough to keep tabs on and need a little something extra to challenge myself with in life. Kym and Jennhave put together a 12×30 Challenge and it has some interesting things on it for the year.

(It can be noted that I failed miserably at participating in January’s photo challenge even though I took a LOT of photos. Perhaps I’ll upload them anyway?)

It’s all good though, I don’t have to do every challenge, just the ones that fit into what I want from my year. This month I’m going to join Kym and Jenn with their 12×30 Challenge for February – No Spend Month!

I’m cutting myself some slack on the “No Spend” part and going to do a “Reduced Spending” month. I have some birthdays to prep for and I consider the occasional lunch with a friend to be a sanity saver. Also there are a few things I’ve committed to doing that will cost me some money, but I’ll do my best!

Basically I think this will mostly be me not shopping for anything for me, the apt unless it’s necessary, or crafting supplies – although I did buy some fabric for myself Sunday. And dinner out because I’m feeling lazy isn’t really allowed.

So that’s my intent at least. Care to join us?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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