Lizzie B did what?!? Lifetime says…

If you’re like me and opted to watch the L&O SVU Granny Marathon and Lizzie Borden Took an Ax last night instead of the Grammys you can see all of the performances here.

So Lizzie Borden Took an Ax (and gave her mother 40 whacks) You know the ditty.

Do you know the story? Did you see the movie on Lifetime though? I’m torn. I have a slightly morbid fascination with this particular set of events and trial. If you don’t know the gist, Abby and Andrew Borden are killed in their home and ultimately their daughter, Lizzie, is put on trial for but later acquitted for their murders.

There’s been a whole lot written about Lizzie Borden (affiliate link), the murder, the relationship with her sister, the trial, but here’s the Wiki version if you’d like some more details. (It’s the new Cliff’s Notes.)

I happened upon this last night and can say that I liked the movie a lot and thought that Christina Ricci did an awesome job. Most of the people did a pretty good job otherwise too. (It’s hard to say that it was awesome in that blockbuster hit sort of way because let’s face it, it was made for Lifetime. For the people saying bad things about the movie etc? Let’s have some perspective here.) The soundtrack was pretty interesting too, if not sort of creepy. I wouldn’t mind finding out more about that.

There was a little gore, a little bit of skin, and some interesting liberties taken.

Did they convince me that Lizzie Borden killed her step-mother and father? Not one bit. Do I think she’s unhinged and probably did it? Most likely. Did she do it? I can’t say for sure. (I do wonder what Bones’s team or Abby could make of the evidence, though.)

What do you think? Did you watch it? Do you think Lizzie did it?

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2 Responses to Lizzie B did what?!? Lifetime says…

  1. BatGirl says:

    I totally agree with you. I thought the soundtrack added something cool to it. I like when period pieces have modern soundtracks. Like the newer version of The Great Gatsby or Marie Antoinette (the Sophia Coppola movie).

  2. Janna Renee says:

    I saw Christina Ricci talking on a morning show the other morning, and the snippet they showed was super intense!! I want to see it just because she’s in it, but I don’t do well with ‘dark’ stuff. I’m such a wuss that I think I would have nightmares…oooh lawd!

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