Coffee Date #21

UntitledWell hello there! How are you today? I’m not feeling awesomely well still (truth be told, I feel like crap and would totally rather be sleeping still) so I’m going to keep my distance today as not to cough or sneeze germs all over you. My week has been spent sleeping when I wasn’t at work, chatting with Frank or blowing my nose.

I’m even having tea this morning instead of coffee because I haven’t even been finishing one cup this week. A little Lemon Lift now, perhaps some Jasmine or Spiced Chai later.

Anyway. Enough about germs. They make me cranky.

Have you seen the Sexiest Alpaca Hairstyles? Go check it out and let me know which your favorite is.  I thought it was a good laugh to start a Friday.

You know what else is a good way to start a Friday? By going through and deleting blogs from my Feedly. I found a bunch that I haven’t read (or missed) in at least a monthly by the number of posts so I removed them. Sorry to their owners, but I’m trying to Simplify and that means digitally too.

I’m hoping that by doing so, I can put some more time into CourtisCrafty. I’ve wanted to give it a go and see what I can make of my crafting – if anything, but that means I have to put the time and work into it. It will mean less posting over here, but I managed to post almost every day last year so I’m okay with that.

I don’t know that I’ll have an actual schedule, but not to worry, Frank said won’t be going anywhere.

***If you’d like to have a cup of coffee with others, head over to Alissa’s.***

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Coffee Date #21

  1. Hi there:) #1, love your blog title and it made me giggle a little. #2 having to go to work and be sick equals total big fat sucks. #3 I will def be checking out the alpaca styles later today…probably around 2 or 3 when my brain goes to mush at work:)

  2. lol…those alpaca styles are hilarious. There’s a few that really are that have faces that only a mother could love. Can’t wait to start following your blog. {linking up with Alissa, too}. xoxo

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