The last 24 hours by the numbers

Drove through a storm twice. Still so tired. Feeling crappy. Posting from my phone. Brother of mine is stateside. I’m home again.

Now you’re caught up.

Miles travelled – Approx. 450
Bags of peanut butter chocolate popcorn consumed – Just 1
Hours in the car – 14ish
Hours slept at night – 1.5
Hours slept today – 4
Times I felt like barfing – Round about 12
Times I actually did – Zero
Hugs expected – 2
Hugs received – LOTS
Shots of 16 year old single malt Bushmills at 6:30 am- 1/2 (half)
(Felt icky before the shot, probably not the cause of feeling barfy seeing that I still feel awful)
Average temperature – 2°F
Inches of snow – 12+”
Prayers said – 143,466
Mental thanks to Daddy-O for driving through whiteouts – a billion
Tears spilled by me – 1
Tears I almost spilled – all of them

And now a few photos from my phone:



Photo by my Fairy G-d Mom


Welcome home brother of mine. Thank you, love you, and goodnight.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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