10°F today, but the AC came on…


It’s no secret that my office gets cold. I have neen known to spend a good portion of my day either shivering or holding my hot beverage mug close.

Don’t get me wrong, my work has many benefits. A properly working HVAC system doesnt seem to be one of them.

Lately, because someone with a higher pay grade than me complained, it has been a little better…comfortable even!

Today though, apparently 70°F was too warm because the AC kicked on.

That sound you heard around 3pm? The collective shiver and groans of the people near my office as the room temperatures plummeted and we reached for coats and hats.

Not to worry, it went off soon and we didn’t have to wear our extra layers long, but man! It wss a little much. I should really take my bum mittens back in for days like these.

How’s your work space?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to 10°F today, but the AC came on…

  1. Always cold. ALWAYS. There was one day where the HEAT came on. I know.. it was a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE… and someone complained because it was “TOO HOT”… these are the same people with their coats and mittens on… Just can’t please ANYONE

  2. I actually have a wall of windows behind me, so I get warming sunlight. Occasionally in the winter we will get overly warm thanks to the heat and sunlight. Not to mention the “close, no open, no close” the blinds game I get to play every day as the sun shines in my eyes then disappears. That means that the women in the offices without windows suffer in the summer, because the AC has to run to keep us from melting! One of the few perks of being a cubicle drone instead of having my own office. 😉

  3. cwupcake says:

    Even with the wall of windows in front of me, it is still freezing in my office. The powers that be claim that if they turn up the heat for us, the people downstairs complain that it is too hot. Ugh.
    Only just recently did they finally turn the heat up in my lab, where previously it was so cold that I had to put some room temperature experiments IN AN OVEN to actually get it warm enough to be room temperature.

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