Frank said…#62

This is part of the Frank said feature. You can see more here.

Victoria’s Secret new holiday commercial was on. Frank had comments.

Frank: Hehe. “Panties” sounds even funnier in a British accent
Me: I hate that word, “panties” [shudder]
Frank: What about “manties”?
Me: That’s okay, it’s a made up word.
Frank: Hehe “manties”
Me: By the way, I hate the pairing of the word “moist” with “panties” even more. Like I want to slap a person for saying it.
I reached for my coffee, it’s cold.

Me: Babe would you do me a favor?
Frank: I’m not going to slap myself!


You can see more of Frank’s special thoughts on his new Tumblr. New New Yorker

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2 Responses to Frank said…#62

  1. I agree, the word, “Panties” is HORRIBLE!

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